Below is a list of my past workshop presentations. If you would like to invite me to present for your Orff chapter, state convention, school district, or other organization, please email me at


November 19, 2017: Iowa Music Educators Association (Ames, IA)

November 2, 2017: Iowa City Community School District (Iowa City, IA)

September 15, 2017: Cedar Falls Community School District (Cedar Falls, IA)

October 23, 2017: Waterloo Community School District (Waterloo, IA)

April 5, 2017: Rockwood School District (Rockwood, MO)

November 2016: Iowa Music Educators Association (Ames, IA)

March 19, 2016: Pittsburgh Golden Triangle AOSA Chapter (Pittsburgh, PA)

October 17, 2015: Black Hills Area Orff Chapter (Rapid City, SD)

March 21, 2015: Nevada’s Desert Valley Orff Chapter (Las Vegas, NV)

April 4, 2014: Bismarck Public Schools (Bismarck, ND)

March 22, 2014: Heart of Illinois Orff Chapter (Bloomington, IL)

January 2014: First Iowa Orff Chapter (Cedar Falls, IA)

November 2013: American Orff Schulwerk Association

October 2013: Augustana Orff Chapter (Moline, IL)

November 2012: American Orff Schulwerk Association

March 2012: Philadelphia Area Orff Chapter (Philadelphia, PA)

November 2011: American Orff Schulwerk Association

September 2011: Sioux Valley Orff Chapter (Sioux City, IA)

March 2011: Long Island Orff Chapter (Uniondale, NY)

2009: American Orff Schulwerk Association

2009: Northeast Ohio Orff Chapter (Toledo, OH)

2007: Greater Cleveland Orff Chapter (Cleveland, OH)

2007: Greater Des Moines Orff Chapter (Des Moines, IA)

2006: American Orff Schulwerk Association

2006: Central Ohio Orff Chapter (Columbus, OH)

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