• iOS/Swift and Android/Java Conversion Chart

    I am beta-testing my first Android app, and have recently completed my second iOS app. Having taught myself how to program in both Swift and Java, I spent a lot of time lamenting the inability to easily convert code between the two. Sure, there are cross-platform solutions, but as an independent developer, I couldn’t afford to invest a ton of money in a paid system. Plus, I had already learned Swift, and this wasn’t helpful for many cross-platform solutions.

    Below is a list-in-progress of concepts and objects that have parallels between the two operating systems and languages. Feel free to comment and make suggestions!

    iOS Android
    storyboard/nib design/layout/xml
    constraints layouts
    UIViewController Activity/Fragment
    UIView View
    UITableView RecyclerView/LinearLayout
    UICollectionView RecyclerView/GridLayout
    UIPickerView Spinner
    UITextView/UITextField EditText
    UILabel TextView
    UIButton Button/ImageButton
    UIImageView ImageView
    UISwitch Switch
    viewDidLoad() onCreate()
    viewWillAppear() onResume()
    viewWillDisappear() onSuspend()
    NSNotification.postNotification() sendBroadcast()
    NSNotification.addObserver() BroadcastReceiver.onReceive()
    dispatch_async() AsyncTask()
     Swift Java
    Class Class
    String String
    Int int/Integer
    Bool boolean/Boolean
    Array ArrayList/[] — example: String[]
    Dictionary HashMap
    for i in i..<count { } for (int i=0; i<count; i++) { }
    for item in array { } for (String item : array) { }
    if x == 5 if (x == 5)
    switch object switch (object)
    x = 4;
    x = 4

    I hope this is helpful to some other beginning programmers! Reinventing the wheel for each device is hard enough…not even knowing what the wheel is called is even worse!

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  1. alexporubay says:

    This is very helpful article. Can I use some quotes from here in my article here: https://www.cleveroad.com/blog/how-to-convert-android-to-ios-app-or-two-apps-are-better-than-one

  2. james says:


    I have recently written and published an iPhone app on the iPhone store for my restaurant SiamCottage and now I am learning how to use the Android IDE to write the equivalent app.

    And so your list of terms will be really useful to keep next to me while going through the online course.


    • Tim says:

      Thanks, James! I’m glad the list was useful for you. I followed a similar path, and I wished someone had created such a list…