Summer Breathing Space

School is out at Northern University! I spent a good chunk of last week organizing 2-3 years of choir music. This week I started doing much the same at my church! Who are these choir directors that keep piling up unfiled music? Oh yeah, that’s me.

Now I’m looking forward to playing with my son, digging up the yard, and writing. I’m working on an article to submit to the Orff Echo, the AOSA journal, on elemental music. It’s been fun exploring this topic, and surrounding topics like the definition of a Hexatonic scale, or how to harmonize an accented re.

I’m also starting to collect and organize materials to teach Orff Schulwerk Level II Basic. This will be my first year teaching Level II, at the Vermont Orff Course. Speaking of which, the link to that course is now active, so if you a in the New England area, check it out! I will be teaching Level I also at Baldwin-Wallace in Cleveland again this summer. The class is full and closed, for the third year running!

Hope all of my teaching friends who are still finishing up the year have an excellent last few weeks, and a fabulous summer.

– Tim

Location:Franklin St,Cedar Falls,United States

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